About The Dyed Life!

  • The first show we set up our booth at a customer walked in and said "Clearly there are 2 artists working here" and he was correct! We got interested in dyeing clothing in 2019 after Joe bought a dyed shirt that he loved and wanted to learn how to make. I had purchased a white jacket that I wanted to dye, I had tried to wear it as is and every time I put it on I felt like I was wearing a lab coat! I had started to order supplies for our latest creative pursuit and then I got laid off from my full time job in health care. Just when I thought I had found a new next chapter for my career the world shut down.

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  • In 2020, we decided to revisit our interest in tie-dyeing and immediately after posting my first dyed pieces people wanted to buy! In 2021 we did a few art markets and in 2022 started to vend at several festivals. We have been going to music festivals for many years so it just seemed natural to bring our our work with us!

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  • In addition to dyeing stuff, I take pictures and do graphic design, you can see some of my work HERE

    I also have a YouTube channel with over 1100 subscribers, you can see my videos HERE

    Joe is a musician and you can listen to him sing HERE!
    Here he is sitting in with Danny Paisley HERE
    and here he is singing at a campsite jam with Billy Strings! click here!

    Thank you for reading about us!
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